CO World Seminar

5月22(月) 13:30より、MISHIMA Hallにて

講師: 池原 健二 先生
演題: [GADV]-タンパク質ワールド仮説(GADV 仮説)


CO World Seminar

Tittle: Searching for Life on Titan, Mars and Exoplanets
Date: April 6th (Thu)  14:00-   @MISHIMA Hall
Professor Yuk Yung is a leading authority in atmospheric chemistry of planets and has been interested in detection of life on Mars and others planets.

国際会議 2023.3.14-17

CO worldが共催する国際会議「NOMAD SWT#23」が松島で開催されます。

Title: "International conference on new insights into Mars achieved by remote-sensing observation, numerical simulation, and laboratory experiment of trace gases (in cooperation with ExoMars-TGO/NOMAD SWT, CO world, TohokuU GP-EES) "

Workshop on Chemical Roots of Metabolism

日程:1月16日    場所:ELSI Mishima Hall

13:00 ~ 13:30   Opening Talk by Yuichiro Ueno, Tokyo Tech. EPS/ELSI
                           Can CO world create life?

13:30 ~ 14:30   Computational Chemistry Session
                         Eric Smith, ELSI (20 min)
                           Deducing network organization from rules: example of sugar-phosphate chemistry
                         Christoph Flamm, University of Vienna (20 min)
                           Network autocatalysis: its definition, topological detection, and dynamical importance
                         Jakob Andersen, University of Southern Denmark (20 min)
                           Graph-grammar chemistry: the conceptual framework and computational implementation

14:30 ~ 14:40   Break

14:40 ~ 16:10   Biological Chemistry Session
                         Joseph Kirschvink, Caltech (20 min)
                           Terrestrial metabolism evolve on the Noachian glaciers of Tharsis
                         Shino Suzuki, JAXA (20 min)
                           Biology of CO world
                         Yuto Fukuyama, JAMSTEC (20 min)
                           Current view of CO utilizing microorganisms
                         Tomonari Sumi, Okayama University (25 min)
                           Kinetics of the ancestral carbon metabolism pathways in deep-branching bacteria and archaea

16:10 ~ 16:20   Break

16:20 ~ 17:05   Online Talk by Prof. Joseph Moran, University of Strasbourg (45 min)
                            Chemical Analogs of Metabolic Pathways

17:05 ~ 18:10   Prebiotic Chemistry Session
                         Norio Kitadai, JAMSTEC (25 min)
                            Chemistry of CO world: progress report 2022
                         Hideshi Ooka, RIKEN (15 min)
                            Towards Quantitative Predictions of Chemical Reaction Networks
                         Satoshi Okada, JAMSTEC (Invited talk, 25 min)
                            Micro- and atomic structures of sulfide minerals under geoelectrochemical conditions

18:10 ~ 18:20   Break
18:20 ~ 18:55   Panel Discussion
18:55 ~ 19:00   Closing, Group Photo

Japan Geoscience Union Meeting (JpGU) 2023

地球惑星科学連合大会2023において、CO world 各班代表らが(上野 雄一郎,北台 紀夫,鈴木 志野,尾崎 和海)ユニオンセッション”CO環境の生命惑星化学”を主催します。


U-08 CO環境の生命惑星化学セッションの日程(口頭、現地ポスター、オンラインポスター)のアナウンスされました。

Goldschmidt Conference 2023 Lyon 7/9-7/14

フランス・リヨンで行われる国際会議Goldschmidt Conference 2023において、理論班のメンバーらがセッションを主催します。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。

セッション:1f - Exoplanet atmospheric characterization, interior-surface-atmosphere interactions, and planetary habitability

After the detection of more than 5000 exoplanets during the past three decades, new and upcoming advanced telescopes aim to unveil the chemistry of the atmospheres of terrestrial-type exoplanets, potentially including a handful of habitable zone planets. Molecules made of C, H, N, O, and S elements are expected to be the first ones to be detected from the atmosphere of Earth-sized exoplanets. One of the main objectives of this theme is “planetary habitability, which defines the physicochemical conditions at the surface of a planet required for life to develop”. Since first suggested, numerous reports about probiotic synthesis under CO atmospheres and its implications for the origins of life have been reported. Additionally, atmospheres with a variety of carbon redox state (CO2/CO/CH4) have been suggested as an intermediary step in the evolution of rocky planets. Some key questions are: How do the surface and interior of a planet affect the atmosphere chemistry? What are the implications on the origin of life as we know it?
This session brings together planetary and exoplanet scientists specializing in various domains including interior-atmosphere coupling, planetary redox states, ocean-atmosphere interactions, ocean chemistry, atmosphere radiative transfer, thermochemical equilibrium and kinetics, photochemistry, experimental petrology, isotope and chamber studies, volatile cycling, geochemical cycling, habitable zone climates, geodynamics and thermal evolution, to address exoplanet atmospheric characterization, interior-surface-atmosphere interactions, and planetary habitability
This session will provide a fertile ground for scientists from multiple disciplines where ideas and findings from one field can inform, influence, and promote other fields.


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