A01 Theory Group

Modeling of planetary CO environments

  The theory group purpose is to understand the diversity of terrestrial planetary environments according to the redox state of carbon in the atmosphere (CO2/CO/CH4) from a theoretical perspective based on (bio)geochemistry and establish a theoretical basis for the search for life-hosting planets (life planets) using next-generation telescopes. In particular, the group will elucidate the formation fluxes and environmental conditions of organic compounds that are important for the precursor metabolism of life in planetary atmospheres that are mainly composed of CO. In addition, the group aims to verify the detectability as an exoplanet and to gain a comprehensive understanding of planetary CO environments. Specific goals include:
1) elucidation of the physicochemical conditions under which terrestrial planets have CO atmospheres
2) quantitative evaluation of material cycling processes occurring in planetary CO environments as typified by early Earth and early Mars
3) comprehensive understanding of the spectroscopic properties of CO2/CO/CH4 atmospheres
4) Comprehensive understanding of the spectroscopic properties of CO2/CO/CH4 atmospheres and establishment of detection methods for planetary CO environments.

Ozaki Kazumi (PI),    Tokyo Tech., Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Associate Professor
Fuyutsuki Seba,        Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Associate Professor
Kurokawa  Hiroyuki, Tokyo University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ,Associate Professor
Kawashima Yui,        RIKEN, Cluster for Pioneering Research, Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Hong Peng,              Chiba Institute of Technology, Planetary Exploration Research Center, Research Scientist (until 2023/3/31)
Hamano Keiko,        Tokyo Tech., Earth-Life Institute, Research Scientist

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