Workshop on Chemical Roots of Metabolism


日程:1月16日 場所:ELSI Mishima Hall

13:00 ~ 13:30 Opening Talk by Yuichiro Ueno, Tokyo Tech. EPS/ELSI
Can CO world create life?

13:30 ~ 14:30 Computational Chemistry Session
Eric Smith, ELSI (20 min)
Deducing network organization from rules: example of sugar-phosphate chemistry
Christoph Flamm, University of Vienna (20 min)
Network autocatalysis: its definition, topological detection, and dynamical importance
Jakob Andersen, University of Southern Denmark (20 min)
Graph-grammar chemistry: the conceptual framework and computational implementation

14:30 ~ 14:40 Break

14:40 ~ 16:10 Biological Chemistry Session
Joseph Kirschvink, Caltech (20 min)
Terrestrial metabolism evolve on the Noachian glaciers of Tharsis
Shino Suzuki, JAXA (20 min)
Biology of CO world
Yuto Fukuyama, JAMSTEC (20 min)
Current view of CO utilizing microorganisms
Tomonari Sumi, Okayama University (25 min)
Kinetics of the ancestral carbon metabolism pathways in deep-branching bacteria and archaea

16:10 ~ 16:20 Break

16:20 ~ 17:05 Online Talk by Prof. Joseph Moran, University of Strasbourg (45 min)
Chemical Analogs of Metabolic Pathways

17:05 ~ 18:10 Prebiotic Chemistry Session
Norio Kitadai, JAMSTEC (25 min)
Chemistry of CO world: progress report 2022
Hideshi Ooka, RIKEN (15 min)
Towards Quantitative Predictions of Chemical Reaction Networks
Satoshi Okada, JAMSTEC (Invited talk, 25 min)
Micro- and atomic structures of sulfide minerals under geoelectrochemical conditions

18:10 ~ 18:20 Break
18:20 ~ 18:55 Panel Discussion
18:55 ~ 19:00 Closing, Group Photo